THE DAILY SOUNDTRACK – 03/12/2012! Daylight Sleeping Time

Hello Monday! Today’s Daily Soundtrack won’t be about “Game Change” (which John McCain says is a piece of crap even though he hasn’t seen it) or “Hunger Games” (the next cultural phenomenon, or so we’re told) or even Eddie Murphy’s “A Thousand Words” (a movie which has been on the shelf since 2008)… it’s not going to be about movies at all because I’m too tired to think! Today’s DS is a genteel foray into Daylight Sleeping Time, or more accurately the week following Daylight Savings Time where my lack of ability to sleep is heightened and my body clock literally cannot tell time. Good Evening everybody! Day. Whatever.

I’ll See You in My Dreams – Ella Fitzgerald
I was so tired last night I fell asleep and dreamt instantly. It was a mangy stumbling sleep that was filled with characters from TV shows, because my brain couldn’t conjure up its own. Mr Ed was there. One of the guys from How I Met Your Mother. Raylan Givens. The Jennifer Aniston from the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. I’ve never watched How I Met Your Mother. Jennifer Aniston stayed on the other side of the world.
Sleep Comes Down – The Psychedelic Furs
It’s not that I don’t sleep during Daylight Sleeping Time, it’s that I sleep at inopportune moments. Like in business meetings or while waiting for my food at the local taqueria or typing the Daily Soundtrack. Where did I fall asleep in the opening? That’s for you to decide.
Rest – Tim Finn
Ahhhh. Doesn’t the word just make you want to curl up under a nice soft blanket, lay your head on a nice cool pillow and close your ey
Snooze Bar – Bryan Beller
I will take a couple more naps or three. I’ll turn on MLB pre-season. D-Backs vs Indians, that’ll be good for at least 20 minutes warped dreams. I hope “The Bounty Hunter” is on because that’ll get me a couple of hours.
From A Late Night Train – The Blue Nile
This is what’s known as a sleepy song. I have a few but let’s just say I’ll keep the others to myself in order not to put the voodoo hoodoo mojo on my ‘sleepers’. I’m sharing this in a spirit of good wishes for those of you with the same kinds of sleep issue. Mine’s been with me since about age seven… the time change only aggravates it…
Get some sleep kids! Til tomorrow (and the return of my usual snark) this is Bingo Sugarfoot heading for the couch!

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