THE DAILY SOUNDTRACK – 05/01/2012 May Day, May Day!

It’s May Day but ol’ Bingo can’t go on strike against hisself (though he’d like to periodically) so here’s a potpourri of songs that just popped into the Binoodle. Be back tomorrow with actual thought and effort.
(and PS: we’re all being screwed by the major corporations, which are legally forced to be amoral… that is unless you own or run one of the major corporations, then you’re sitting pretty)

Maggie’s Farm – Bob Dylan
I recently read a story about how one of the megalithic corporations has been suing local family owned farms for patent infringement. It seems Megacorpus has patented a genetic alteration of a specific kind of seed. As you know seeds blow around. Some of these seeds have ended up on other farms. Where they grow along with the farmer’s non genetically altered version of the crop. Megacorpus has been winning these suits. Someday they’ll be our overlords.
Water – The Who
A city in Michigan (under the guise of ‘privatization’) brought in a team of consultants to improve their city government, primarily their Water Supply System. Within a year the consultants were taking 90% of revenues for themselves, cutting off water to homes on a massive scale and their manager declared, “I have more power than they mayor.” Business as government is never good.
The Government Totally Sucks – Tenacious D
Texas is a Petri Dish for bad government. Since 2000 they have made huge cuts to education, laid off teachers, reduced health care, doubled spending (in the name of austerity), doubled their debt (in the name of cutting spending), doubled their poverty level and just plain sucked. Corporations love Texas though.
The Funeral – Band of Horses
People with money are ruining what little bit of democracy we still have. Think about the Koch Brothers, who are buying attempting to buy the presidency. Or John Edwards, a wealthy pretty boy who funded his way into politics and almost became Vice President. Or Darrel Issa a multi-millionaire who funded the California Governor Recall that ended with Ah-nold getting elected… and then Darrel cried because it wasn’t him getting to be Governor. I don’t have a solution, I only know it’s a problem. When no one speaks for those without a voice only the bullhorn of fascism is heard! (Just made that up). Eh, it’s our funeral.
The Dope Show – Marilyn Manson
And all the performance game show/contest reality TV things are abhorrent. I know that has little or nothing to do with the rest of the team but I’m really tired of my local morning news (KTLA Channel 5) reporting the results like it matters. It doesn’t. People who are interested watched the damn show. So F*cking stop. Now.
May Day, May Day, we’re coming in hot… back to reality tomorrow. And here’s some Safety Dance.

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