THE DAILY SOUNDTRACK – 05/03/2012 Just Say Yes!

Dianne Feinstein is one of our senators in California. She is an idiot. And I mean IQ around 75 idiot. The only reason the good people of California continue to elect her is every Republican who gets thrown up against her wants babies given handguns at birth, gays to be herded into the ocean (Atlantic so the walk is longer) and women to sign a pledge stating, “I promise to do the dishes.” Now she’s trying to re-up America for the “Just Say No!” campaign. And drug testing. And “Just Say Drug Testing!” And “No Drugs!” And this stupid sh*t doesn’t work. Remember prohibition? We’ve got the same problems that came with that. She’s awful.

The Drugs Don’t Work – Ben Harper
Maybe if some of these “smart” people took a realistic view on why people take drugs, why some become addicts and how to deal with the disease maybe we could really do something. But it’s much easier to come up with some meaningless slogan and let people continue to ruin themselves. Feinstein will go along with the 50%+1. She’s addicted to power.
Cocaine Habit – Old Crow Medicine Show
DF believes the South American countries want drugs to continue to be illegal… because it’s destroying them. I believe they want drugs to be legal so they can wrest them away from the dope lords (or go into partnership) so they’ll have a new export to the U.S. If 50%+1 said “legalize cocaine” Feinstein would get her bullhorn out and proclaim it on the steps of congress.
White Punks On Dope – The Tubes
And who does she really “care” about? I imagine it’s the kids who live in Brentwood, Belvedere, Rolling Hills or Atherton. Well, she cares about the parents who write the checks that get her re-elected. And if they’re saying “Just Say No” she’ll eat that cracker and repeat it until it’s time to collect the next wad of cash. If they said, “I need cocaine to be legalized she’d say, “I can’t say that… until you write me another check.”
Drugs on War – The MIssing Parts
Me thinks perhaps Diane may have other motives. I mean, she loves the crap out of war… she went straight to the front of the line when it came to giving Bush/Cheney the thumbs up to go after Iraq. She also saw the ‘big picture’ when it came to torture. Maybe she likes selling South American countries all those nifty gadgets they use to never win the war on drugs. Maybe she just likes knowing there’s people out there killing other people with the sh*t we sell ‘em.
Phone Tap – The Firm
Ol’ Feinstein also thought the “Let’s Just Listen in On Everyone Act” in Congress was peaches! Until the other Democrats told her it wasn’t peaches, it was prunes. She voted for whatever was put in front of her though because now the government and the police and anyone who they think is “AOK” can do just about anything they want to us. Yay! I wonder how much that cost?
I once sent Feinstein a particularly nasty note concerning some stupid thing she did, I got back a note from her staff saying, “they didn’t like the tone of my letter and she’d already made her mind up on the issue.” Really! So that’s how you get a personal response from your elected officials! Try it! Someday someone will run against her who more represents my beliefs and then I’ll say “YES” to whomever that is…

Senator – Stephen Malkmus & the Jinks

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