LA Radio Studio: Dave Marsh on Springsteen’s ‘The Rising’ Part 1

Dave Marsh on Bruce Springsteen 'The Rising'
The Rising

Part 1 of 3

When Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” came out, everyone knew it was primarily about the events of 9/11/2001, but as any Springsteen fan knows, it’s never “just about” a subject in any of Bruce’s music.  Radio veteran Mike Stark (KNAC, KLOS, KABC) connects with Springsteen biographer, Dave Marsh, to do a track-by-track analysis of the CD, getting the ultimate fan’s view of the work – and more. 

The LA Radio Studio, in association with Spin Bridge, presents a special version of “The Rising”, edited from a very long session with Mike Stark and Dave Marsh shortly after the album was released, which starts out with an explicitly 9/11 “remix” of the title track.  What follows the “remix” is pure Dave Marsh as he squeezes everything out of this landmark CD.

 Make sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3 of this special interview.


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  3. Thank you BOSS I love all you do for us, just the public you represent! LOVE MY BRUCE and E STREETERS!!!

  4. Haven’t had time to listen to this full podcast, but my take differs from Marsh’s estimation that Lonesome Day is about knowing more at 50 than at 30. To me, the first lyrics of “Baby, I thought I knew…” refer to faith in the goodness in God, that I thought I knew your sweet whisper and touch, but now, after living through this terror, I question you and your goodness – how could this terror be a part of your world?? Its a song about testing faith, and and how to express that faith to others when you may be doubting it yourself. Note- I am a choreographer, and in 2005 I created an evening length dance piece using 11 songs from the Rising (fully licensed). For Lonesome Day, I created a character of a preacher, who had to bring his “flock” together and calm their doubts, when he himself harbored those doubts. To me, that is what Lonesome Day is about.